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Houston Texans…Hoping For a Winning Season

In 1997, Houston lost their NFL football team to Tennessee. Efforts began that same year to bring an expansion team into Houston and in 2002, the Houston Texans began their inaugural season.

The first game of the Texans franchise was a win against the Dallas Cowboys, making them the second team in NFL history to win their very first game. The rest of the season unfortunately was not as successful, leaving the Houston Texans with only four wins for the season but sending two players to the Pro Bowl.

Although they have had trouble pulling off a winning season so far, there is hope for the Houston Texans. Management and coaching changes seem to be improving the team’s performance somewhat. Whether they win or lose, the Texans play a good game and it is always interesting to watch. With tickets as low as $30 each, there’s no reason not to go to a game.

Football is not the only reason to visit Reliant Stadium on game day. Tailgates in the parking lot before the game are legendary. Many start as soon as the parking lots open, setting up their massive grills, fryers and cookers. Texans fans really know how to cook a piece of meat and you will not be disappointed with the hospitality or the food from the fans.

Reliant Stadium has been the home of the Houston Texans since the team’s inception. They were the first in the league to feature a retractable roof, bars, a Texans team store, and club lounges. There is seating for 69,500 people with more than 7,000 of those being club seats, and 166 luxury suites. Although the team is new and the stadium was not opened until 2002, the Texans were lucky enough to host the Super Bowl in 2004.

Like other NFL franchises, the Houston Texans are heavily involved in the community, especially when it comes to helping children. They are involved in many programs to promote health and wellness, and an active lifestyle as well as improving the future of local children. Aside from their activities with the kids, the Texans are involved in recycling programs, and with the United Way. They are very community centered and an asset to the whole greater Houston area.

Supporting the Houston Texans football team is a group of beautiful women known as the Texans cheerleaders. These women take time out of their busy schedules every football season to support and cheer on the team. They are also involved in community projects and charity work.

The Houston Texans may not have the best record in the NFL and they may be new, but this team is definitely one to watch in the future. They play a great game and you never know what’s going to happen at a Houston game.

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We are not affiliated or endorsed by the Houston Texans in any way, nor are we associated with any box office, NFL players or Venues.

We are not affiliated or endorsed by the Houston Texans in any way, nor are we associated with any box office, NFL players or Venues.